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Oz e Rodders Club House

Member Of The Year  (MOTY)  Award


The Frank "Choco" Munday Trophy - awarded to the Member Of The Year for their outstanding contributions to the Club or to hot rodding in general.


Winners of the MOTY Award are :


2006        Mike Claridge


2007        Mark Saunders


2008        Tanya Locke

                 Steve Jones


2009        Dave Petrusma


2010        Tanya Locke


2014        Dennis Ward


2015        Dennis Ward

2016        Colin Bates

2017        Colin Bates

2018        Dennis Ward





Club Events & Activities
Echuca Rod Run 2015          
Christmas BBQ 2015
Bright Rod Run 2016
Christmas BBQ 2016
Geelong Lunch Run 2017
Toyota Manufacturing Plant Tour 2017
Christmas BBQ 2017


Oz e Rodders Club House


Being an online hot rodding club, the Oz-E-Rodders Hot Rod & Kustom Car Club rooms are online and are set up and hosted in a private area of the forum.


To gain access to the Oz-E-Rodders club section, you must first become a registered user of and then join the club.


All you have to do to join is visit our How to Join page, enter your details and click send.


Once your details have been reviewed and accepted by the Committee, and you are a fully financial member of the club, you will be given access to the private area which is hosted on the Ozrodders forum that is the Oz-E-Rodders Club Rooms.


Some handy links :


Australian Street Rod Federation (ASRF)  :


ASRF Victoria  :


NSW Street Rod Committee :


National Street Rod Guidelines :


Ozrodders Forum  : 

        Please Note - this forum is not the Oz-E-Rodders Rod & Kustom Club

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