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About Oz-e-Rodders Rod & Kustom Club

The Oz-E-Rodders Rod and Kustom Club was formed on the 1st July 2005 and is the first on line Hot Rod and Kustom Club in Australia, if not the world, and is a Club for hot rod and custom car owners and builders.


Oz-E-Rodders is truly a national club with members from Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT.  Club members regularly attend Hot Rod & Kustom Events throughout the country as well as participate in club gatherings.


Oz-E-Rodders is all about having fun in our hobby. It's a great way for Hot Rodders and Kustom Car guys from the more remote parts of Australia to be involved in a club as all club business takes place online including meetings and general chatter.


The Oz-E-Rodders Rod and Kustom Club is an Australian Street Rod Federation (ASRF) affiliated club and therefore is able to offer members the benefits of the ASRF, including access to the conditional street rod registration schemes available in the various Australian States and Territories.


The club has many experienced hot rod members that can provide all sorts of advice and assistance on the building, maintenance and care of cars.

So if you like the sound of that and would like to become a member visit our How to Join page.


Some members of the Hot Rodding public have a common misconception that the Oz-E-Rodders Hot Rod & Kustom  Club -  and the forums are one and the same thing. This is not the case . . . so hopefully the following information will clear things up. 


What is ?, originally known as the Hot Rod Internet, is a website forum where Aussie Hot Rodders and Kustom car enthusiasts can discuss things online. The website has a great pool of information with tonnes of information posted by Rodders with years of experience.


On the site, there is a private Oz-E-Rodders Hot Rod & Kustom Club area which is only accessible to Oz-E-Rodders Club Members. While Oz-E-Rodders are also General Forum members – General Forum members who are not members of Oz-E-Rodders do not have access to the private Oz-E-Rodders club area. The club area is where Oz-E-Rodders members discuss club matters and issues relating to rodding that require voting on. 


Oz-E-Rodders use the online medium so that Hot Rodders in remote areas who can’t get along to regular club meetings can still partake in a club – we just use the Ozrodders forum as our “Club Room” instead of a physical bricks & mortar building.


All Oz-E-Rodders Hot Rod & Kustom Club meetings and all voting is carried out online, so it is easier and less formal than a ‘traditional’ club. We do arrange club get togethers ‘in person’ at various hot rod runs around the country, as well as our own informal runs and BBQ’s and getting together at large events and runs like the ASRF Nationals.


In Summary, the Oz-E-Rodders Hot Rod & Kustom Club is NOT the Forums.   As stated by the Administrator of

“This club is National and the only state you need to be in is ‘happy’. I was going to say ‘sober’ but since our meetings are online and you don’t have to drive that doesn’t apply either!”


Please read the Frequently Asked Questions page which provides answers to many questions asked about the Club.  If there are any other enquiries to Oz-E-Rodders they can be sent via email on our Contact page.


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