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Oz-e-Rodder Members & Their Rides


With currently over 40 members across all States and Territories in Australia, the Oz-E-Rodders Hot Rod & Kustom Car Club is truly a national Australian hot rod and custom car club, 


The following are some of our members rides.


Please have a look through and enjoy.






1937 Ford Roadster 
Fred Ruigrok

Owned since November 1986 when found mostly complete but disassembled in a barn. Basic build was completed over the next 5 years with a lot of the complicated construction done by Colin Bates, and paint by Brendon Burke. Body is a 100% restoration. Underneath is a sedan chassis, fully boxed including X and rear member. Runs a Superbell 4"

dropped axle,1936 wishbone, Rod City dropped steering arms, XB front discs, calipers and master cylinder. Diff is a Tank Fairlane 9". Motor is 1965 Chev 327 and gearbox is Ford single rail using a Dellow adaptor. Wheels are solids,15" x 5" and 15" x 8" with '46 caps and trims.

1932 Ford Coupe

Andrew Komnaki


1935 Chev Std. Roadster
Colin & Kris Bates


Car was built from a mint one owner all steel Holden bodycar in time for the 1st Nats in 1973 The owner traded it off a mate Lyndon Piper in about '78 for his '37 Ford Coupe, and then stripped it completely apart for a full rebuild . . . . completed by late '79 and it has been on the road in the condition shown since then.  Body is mint, no repairs ever and is finished in Dulon Candy Red (XT GT colour).  Trim was one of the first we ever did, in saddle brown vinyl and matching carpets, seat is copied off the original bench and is completely hand fabricated, springs and all by the owners. Engine is a stout 350 4 bolt, trans is a Saginaw 4 speed and diff is a 9" Tank Fairlane.  Frontend is HR Holden with HQ discs, steering is Morris Major rack and pinion and hooks up to a GM tilt column with a HQ Monaro wheel.  Chassis is fully boxed and there is a rear panhard bar and sway bars front and rear . . . .

1941 Willys Coupe
Colin & Kris Bates


A local Aussie built car, all steel. Runs a hi-perf 400 Chevy and T400, Tank Fairlane rear with Detriot Locker, HG Holden f/end with Jag power steering . . . . built by the owners as a bit of a Luxo rod, a really nice long distance cruiser, been on the road since 1982.  A good car to drive, very quiet inside, no rattles and a nice smooth ride with excellent handling , very stable on road performance.  Inside has diamond buttoned black trim, tilt column, heater, overhead console housing a good sound system and full instrumentation.

1936 Ford Coupe
Colin & Kris Bates

With an all steel body by Ford, car has been a hotrod since the late 60's, owned back then by Flathead expert Bill Barling.  Owners purchased it from Bill in '74, used it for a few months and then stripped it apart for a full rebuild which was completed in time for the '75 Hotrod show, after which it was used as daily transport for many years racking up over 150,000 miles over roughly a 20 year period.  Another full off the frame rebuild was then carried out and it's now as shown in the picture.  Engine is a genuine '70 LT1 Chevy, trans is a Saginaw 4 speed, rear is a Tank 9" with LSD, Cusso rear springs, sway bars front and rear plus panhard bars front & rear as well. Front end is a dropped Ford beam axle on original wishbone, Falcon discs on 11CFord h/duty stubs, wheels are reversed and chromed '53 Cusso on the front, '56 Buick on Cusso centers at the rear. Chassis is fully boxed and the car rides well and is very tight, no creaks or rattles. Trim is in White pearl vinyl with black doehide pleated inserts, carpet is imported English. Car retains all the original features and fittings from the factory, just as we like it !

1957 Chevrolet Pick Up
Colin & Kris Bates

With an all steel imported body and with a full chassis up rebuild done by the owners about 1996 it's been their daily transport ever since then. Runs a 350 4 bolt on straight LPG and T400 into a 9" F100 rear end, front end is a S3 Jaguar with power steering.  Mileage is around 166,000 since the build , and it's a pleasure to drive.

1949 Ford Pickup & 1946 Ford Ute
Colin & Kris Bates

1949 Ford Pickup - this little truck is our daily driver, built from a really nice original old truck, it's only had cosmetic restoration to the body and much of it is still wearing it's old enamel paint. It's a local 1/2 ton pickup with US bed and fenders added and then blended in with acrylic laquer for an "old" look. Mechanically it's on a fully boxed original chassis, Jag frontend and p/steer, a strong 4 bolt 350 on LPG and petrol, coupled to a '64 Powerglide and then on to a F100 9" rearend, and sway bars front and rear for good stability on the road. The interior has the original bench seat upholstered in Brown fabric and it has black carpets , a nice heater /demister and sound system, courtesy lights , 2 speed wipers ,etc . . . . . It ain't mint . . . but we love it!

1946 Ford Ute - the most recent addition to our little collection , the Ute is a full body off resto, runs a 99 A Merc Flatty, 3sp column shift manual trans and open drive Ford banjo diff, stock wheels with wide whites. Interior is in Green vinyl with pleated fabric inserts in the orig. design, woodgrain trim on the dash panel.

1941 Ford Woodie
Colin & Kris Bates

The Family Woodie . . . .  still under construction, but driveable at present . . . . . it's one of a handful remaining in the world from the original uncompleted order of 1000 cars by the British Military from Ford of Canada to be used in various theatres of war as command and reconnaisance vehicles.  It was built r/h/drive. The existing timber and fabric top are the original items, although a bit weathered. The Wagon runs an 8ba Flathead into a Toploader with Jeep shifter, then to a T-bird 9" rearend. Frame has been lengthened and boxed at the back for added strength and it runs Customline back springs.  Front end is stock Ford beam axle with Falcon discs, and a sway bar is fitted front and rear.

1929 Ford Roadster Pickup
Don Bentley

Fibreglass body with extended cab. Owner made all the glass guards, grill, doors & dash themselves. Folded up the steel pickup bed. RHS chassis, HT Holden front end, 253 Trimatic, Commodore Rack,  steering column and rearend. 4 wheel Disc brakes.


1928 Model A Ford Tourer
Dennis Ward


Currently under construction and destined to become a 1950's style hiboy Model A Tourer.  Both a mid 1950’s Ford Mainline and a Customline have performed the role as donors for the running gear.  The car is fitted with a Ford 272 Y Block and 3 speed manual gearbox and slotted into an original Model A Ford chassis which has been fully boxed.  Rear end is a Customline diff  on an original Model A transverse spring supported by ’36 Ford radius rods.  Up front is an original Model A axle dropped 3” by Gary Page, transverse spring and hairpins.  Wheels are 15” Cusso all round. 

Nothing fancy planned . . . just a nice simple basic car for some quiet cruising.

1934 Ford Coupe
Malcolm Clarke


Currently under construction, the '34 is fitted with a deuce customs body and sits on a Lewis chassis.  It is powered by a 302 Windsor with edelbrock heads and is coupled to a C4 auto with a 9"diff  out the rear.

1949 Hudson Brougham
Choco Munday


Still under construction. This is a 1949 Hudson Brougham. The series 3 Jag front and rear end were installed by fellow club member Andrew Komnacki. The 6.1L Gen 3 Hemi engine and NAG1 5 speed auto were fitted using universal engine mounts and a fabricated, removable transmission mount. Tailshaft is a two piece unit made up from a Chrysler 300C SRT-8 and a fabricated rear unit with a Jag uni made by local business the Diff Doctor.  Exhaust is all stainless, custom stainless headers, cats and mufflers.  Dash is all Dakota Digital. It uses data from the CAN BUS via a BUS Interface.  Air Con and Heat is via Vintage Air, with a Dakota Digital controller.  Handbrake is an eStop electric unit.  Engine management is a factory PCM tuned with HP Tuners by Choco. The transmission control is a TCM-2800 and Tone Ring from Sound German Automotive in Bellevue, Wa, USA.  Paint and panel was carried out with assistance of fellow rodders Les Rice (President of the CHRA) and Mark Liddiard. Shaved door handles, electric boot opener, electric windows, six speaker stereo all installed and working fine. The maroon headlining is installed, seats are being upholstered, rear quarter and vent glass is installed.  Progress was slowed due to COVID so the projected debut of the CRAKK 2022 won’t happen. The car runs nicely, stops and steers like a sports car.

1951 Ford Coupe
David Cumbers
The Coupe is a mild custom with a custom interior and fitted with a 302 coupled to a C4 auto.  It has disc brakes all round and is fully engineered.
1923 T Bucket
David Cumbers
David’s '23 T Bucket is the well known "Something Blue" top show car in the seventies. It is fitted with a 425 Buick Nailhead motor, T400 trans, an E type Jag IR and is fully engineered.
1931 Ford Vicky
Dave Willcox
Under construction this '31 Vicky came from Argentina.  It is  RH drive from new. Fitted with a 4lt Toyota hemi  V8 coupled to a 4 speed auto.  Homemade inlet on gas. Carguys 32 chassis and stainless front end.
1923 Ford T Bucket
Peter & Narelle Fawkes
The bucket was originally built around 1969 by a person who had just seen one in a American rod book and decided to build one for himself. The owner and his friends were into speedway and had nothing to do with hot-rodding at the time.  It was used for a number of years then left in a shed for a unknown period of time from where it was rescued by a rodder in Cessnock who got it ready for club rego and had it engineered in 1982 .  After a short time it was again sold at the Rickshaw show.  The new owner used it for a while with the Y block and manual box before changing to a 351 Ford and auto in 1989.  The car was used for around 20 years with club rego before a mishap that put it off the road.  It then changed hands again and after sitting in a carport looking sad, the new owner took it home and fitted another 351, drove it around the block where it was then taken apart and left.  The bucket was left outside for some time before we bought it.  It was very weathered and came with containers of what were chromed bolts and other parts rusting from being full of water.  Since buying the car ,the first job was to clean things up and work out where all the parts came from. The 351 and auto has been replaced with a Y block and auto, which was taken out of a rod built in the 60s.  The motor was a backup for a speedway car that run on Westmead speedway Sydney.  The aim is to get the Bucket back on the road keeping it as true to its original build as possible.
1936 Ford Pick Up
Wayne Woonton
I Consider myself pretty lucky on a couple of counts..

Firstly, that I still have this 1935/36 Ford,  my Father’s 1st truck, purchased in ’39 and worked till ’60... My 1st memory of the truck is of flattening it’s battery circa 1957/58.. giving Dad a long walk home with me on his back then in about ’69, pinching it’s flathead to swap into my model A ‘bucket’.. what a rocket.

Secondly, fortunate in that Col saw my attachment to the truck and our individual views on how it could be rebuilt were totally in accord,  an interpretation of what might have been built, with what was to hand, back in the 60’s. Those skills of Col and a big helping of patience & persistence, saved it from a disastrous earlier bodybuilding attempt by another party.

The big old lump of a Flat Caddy recalls a donk I first saw in a neighbours ski boat on the Murray at home, back in the 60’s.. sure a sbc or Henry would have been easier but that’s not the point.

1947 Ford Pilot
Chris Roughley
1947 Ford Pilot, 302 Cleveland, C4, HG Holden front end with HQ discs and VL commodore rack and pinion, HQ one tonner 278:1 rear end with drums and 6” steelies on the front and 7” steelies on the rear. The car has original stitch pattern interior in Italian leather and is fitted with a 1935 American Ford sedan dash with Classic gauges. Chrysler Galant steering column with a banjo style steering wheel.
1964 EH Holden Station Wagon
 Chris Roughley
1928 Model A Ford Tourer
Peter Gough


1928 Ford Model A Tourer, Ls1 Engine, 4L60E trans, short modified Jag diff, large Wilwood brakes, on hand made independent front end with original patina.

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